Saturday, January 2, 2010

Daily Developer: Intro

This is my attempt at the "365 Day" project as described and discussed in this thread.

Something I have been meaning to get to forever is to make that video game. Which one? No specific one, but the whole reason I became a software developer in the first place was because of my love of video games. I have always meant to make one "in my spare time" but found I was always so busy playing them that I never took the time to actually use that "spare time" to create one.

So, my 365 is going to be software development. I am going to brainstorm ideas, write plot / dialog / scripts, write code, test code and research things I don't know how to do for the 15 minutes to 1 hour suggested per day. I think I am going to start with just writing utility programs at home until I can get into the habit of daily development. I'll record my progress via my blog here.

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