Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daily Developer: Day 9

I continued development on the 2D shooter. I found some information about BoundingBoxes and BoundingSpheres. Since I wanted a round hit area, I used the BoundingSpheres with the z coordinate set to 0, so it is essentially just a circle to me. Using this, it was pretty easy to assign one to the shooter and the enemies. Then, I just had to check if the spheres intersected, using BoundingSphere.Intersects(). For now, I just throw up a message when there is a collision, but it should be easy to replace that with whatever I decide later.

The most notable thing about today, however, was that I didn't have any interest in doing any work on this. The whole structure of the 365, however, helped with a little self-made peer pressure. And, since it only has to be a minimum of 15 minutes, it made it easier to convince myself I could do it. I've also been doing really good at creating a "chain" of days where I do this, and I really didn't want to break the chain. Once I started, though, I was interested enough to work longer than the 15 minutes necessary.

Duration: 00:32:59

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