Friday, January 8, 2010

Daily Developer: Day 7

Today, I was planning on working on some basic elements for my 2D shooter, which I am going to call "Toxic Growth". Before I started with that, however, I wanted to finish getting the tools necessary to develop properly.

The one thing I realized that I was missing was source control. I'm not too concerned about losing files to HDD failure (since I have RAID 1 configuration), however, I like having the luxury of willy-nilly changing files and trying things without having to worry about making a backup in case it ends up being a horrible idea. So, I grabbed TortoiseSVN.

I have used TortoiseSVN at work, but have never actually needed to create my own repository. It ended up being very easy to do so, but I still had to muck about figuring it out. In the end, I was able to get it all configured and a base project into it.

It ended up taking about an hour or so. The exact duration is unknown, since installing TortoiseSVN required a reboot and I neglected to note the time on my Time Tracker before it was shut down.

Tomorrow, I am going to work on getting the basic shapes into the game. I might also take a look at the 3D example, but I am thinking that I want to write this shooter as a simple 2D, so I might hold off on that.

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