Monday, January 4, 2010

Daily Developer: Day 3

Technically, this took place during the same day as Day 2, but I worked on this a couple of times today, looking at different things for different durations, so I think it counts.

I started by creating a new XNA 3.1 Windows project in VS 2008. Ran it and saw it popped open a window with a blue rendered background. It now occurred to me that I don't really know anything about XNA, other than I installed it on my computer.

So, I joined the XNA Creator's club. From the site there, it suggested looking at the help available via VS 2008. I started reading the "Getting Started with XNA Game Studio" in the help. Decided that the "Programming Guide" and then the "XNA Framework Class Library" and "Content Pipeline Class Library" sections would be worthwhile reads. Will probably spend several days reading this. Additional steps include looking at tutorials and examples at the XNA Creator's club.

Duration: 33:04

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