Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daily Developer: Day 4

A friend (shunoshi) gave me a link to a menu displaying example as well as a book he recommends. While I cannot immediately make use of the book (as I do not currently have a copy) I was able to download the example code.

I ran the menu example and read through the code, and then browsed through some of the other examples there. While I don't think I have all the info necessary to make the graphics, I am confident that I can weed through the examples and piece it together when the need arises.

However, I think I need to return to brainstorming that actual game itself. Once I have a better idea of exactly how I want it to play, it should be easier to determine exactly what I need to learn. I tend to be better at learning via doing rather than reading, so knowing what I am trying to accomplish will direct my studies.

I've also shared some of my preliminary notes with yeti as well as another friend who expressed interest in assisting. I intend to try to coordinate most of this project via Google Wave, so I've posted all of my notes there.

Goals for tomorrow: I am going to focus on brainstorming the various game elements and the actual way the game will be played. I may also work on the story, since that might have a direct impact on how it would make sense for the game to be played.

Duration: 44:32

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