Saturday, January 2, 2010

Daily Developer: Day 1

Today is the start and began with my decision to pursue this. To get things started, I began by starting up my copy of Visual Studio 2008 that I had sitting around. I hadn't installed any of my helper apps, so I downloaded and installed Sonic File Finder 2.1 and Code Rush Express. I use both of these at work and know I would feel lost trying to navigate my projects without them.

After getting those installed, I decided that the best way to start would just be a quick time tracking app. Ideally, it would be useful for tracking this type of project, but could be useful in a number of different tasks I do. As part of the app, I am going to include an option to notify the user that a specified amount of time has been spent on the project.

The basic app now has a start and stop button, a combo box to allow multi-project support and an output window to display the time taken. It is quick and crude and I think I will spend some time refining it tomorrow.

  • Decided to participate
  • Mucked with blog to get it "just right"
  • Installed my utility add-ons to VS 2008
  • Started a new project and put in some basic functionality.
Overall time spent: about an hour.

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