Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daily Developer: Day 20

Wow, have I really been doing this for 20 days straight? Well, right at the beginning, on Day 2, I had fallen asleep early accidentally and didn't have time to work on it until the next day at lunch. But, I tried to double up on that day, and haven't faltered since. It is neat to see the kind of progress that can be made with only 15 minutes to one hour of work per day.

Today, I fixed the targets to grow along the same grid, so that they mesh properly when they meet up. Conveniently, this also resolved the collision issue. I then added support for different levels and a health system for the targets. It is now set to expand and then upgrade to the next level. And, it now takes four hits to destroy a target, but it will drop levels and only be destroyed at level 0.

The collision detection came much faster than anticipated. I have a couple of things in mind that I can work on. I need to work on a scoring system. I also need to create an actual beginning and ending to the game. Adding in menu support would be a good way to manage some of this, so I might do that first.

Some more complicated things involve the actual game play itself. As the game currently stands, it really is pretty boring. I have a couple of ideas that I will probably play around with, but I think this will come after the other items.

Duration: 01:00:12

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