Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time Tracker Project

Now that I've established my daily ritual of developing my game, I've decided to expand into other projects, as well.

The "Time Tracker" application was something I wrote very quickly at the beginning of my daily development as something to help keep accurate time of how long I was working on my game development. It was very simplistic in that it had a hard coded value for the project being tracked and that new projects could not be added to the list.

Today, I used some of my experience with my other tools and updated the project to adhere to StyleCop standards. I added support for saving and loading the project list from an XML file. Additionally, you can now add new projects simply by typing into the combobox and hitting enter. Obsolete projects can be deleted by selecting the project from the list and then clicking the delete button.

My next steps include:
  • Adding a pause button.
  • Stopping previous project when Start is clicked for another project.
  • Adding logging support to see the details of when a project was worked on and for how long.
I may eventually add this to SourceForge as well, but I want a more complete product before I do that.

My goal for this project is to work on other developer stuff for about an hour a week. I'll do more as I am inspired.

Duration 1:25

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