Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily Developer: Day 35

After seeing first hand some of the benefits of NUnit at work, I decided that it was a good time to incorporate it into my game. I downloaded NUnit and installed it on my PC. After a little confusion, I was able to setup another project that I called "ToxicGrowthTests". I wrote a couple of little tests and verified that the system ran. Had to run the nunit-x86 executable to get it to test properly. I got a good way into testing the Projectiles and then decided it was time to call it for today.

While I have been spending quite a bit of time on things that are not directly development related, I know that working with these tools is worthwhile and can easily save me a lot of time later, if I need to change things. Since I am about to start analyzing and researching the motion of objects and collision detection and likely making some changes there, I like the assurances that I can get from having the code verified to be behaving like I expect.

My plans are now to continue adding the unit tests to my game until I have complete coverage. After that, I am planning on the collision detection enhancement. I might also look into FxCop, but am currently unsure exactly what benefits I can get from it.

Duration: 1:32:10

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